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MeterFeeder™ Lands Its First Major Operator Partner

January 03, 2018




MeterFeeder™ Lands Its First Major Operator Partner



Pittsburgh (PA) – Accomplishing one of its most important strategic goals, Braddock-based parking payments technology company MeterFeeder has signed its first major operator partnership, launching a private-labeled version of the MeterFeeder™ app for Target Park U.S. Inc.



Being a parking operator, Target Park influences a huge amount of the market thanks to their efficient  management of large parking facilities across the US and Canada. As a parking operator, Target Park acts as property managers for parking lots, garages, cities, and municipalities, both large and small. Their goal is efficiency, customer experience, and profits for each property’s owner. This is why the partnership with MeterFeeder is so important.


In particular, Target Park manages over 225 parking locations in North America, and what sets them apart are their “out of the box” proposals favoring the client, the use of their own advanced Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology, and their superior customer service. MeterFeeder’s partnership with Target Park U.S. Inc. allows Target Park to leverage seamless payment and enforcement through MeterFeeder’s scalable, cloud-based parking app and enforcement tools, and the ability to rapidly rollout cutting-edge technology across its rapidly expanding customer base.


The new TP Mobile app brings Target Park U.S. Inc. customers an easy way to pay parking fees, tickets, and violations, plus it offers the feature of adding extra time to a meter, all from the same app on their smartphone. “We are extremely excited about our partnership with MeterFeeder. The TP Mobile app is going to give us an additional option we can now provide to our customers making customer convenience that much better,” says Chet Wilkolaski, Executive Vice President of the U.S. market.


This new partnership means that MeterFeeder software is now ready to support all of the locations that

Target Park U.S. Inc manages. The first location to go live was T. F. Green Airport in Warwick, Rhode Island, with other locations to follow. MeterFeeder CEO Jim Gibbs commented, “It’s an honor to work with Target Park.We are excited to kickoff 2018 by announcing this partnership, and it is the first of many major milestones we have planned for the new year.”


TP Mobile, powered by MeterFeeder, is available today to download for iPhone and Android.

Target Park U.S. expands into Warwick, Rhode Island

October 19, 2017




Target Park U.S. expands into Warwick, Rhode Island



Target Park U.S. recently expanded into Warwick, Rhode Island, securing a long-term lease with the only off airport parking lot for TF Green Airport.  Conveniently located just one block away from the airport and commuter train, Target Park will provide 24/7 short and long-term parking options. To ensure customer satisfaction, several payment options will be accessible including on site payment, reservation bookings and third-party options.


For more information about Target Park U.S., please contact: Chet Wilkolaski Cell: 973-407-0431 Email: Chet@targetpark.ca Website: www.TargetPark.com

City of Hoboken Partners with Target Park U.S.

August 22, 2017


City of Hoboken Partners with Target Park U.S.




Target Park Group, a leading parking operator of over 200 locations in Canada, has recently expanded its services into the U.S. market bringing parking knowledge, leadership and customer care.  They found a home in Northern New Jersey where they have already reached an agreement with the City of Hoboken to manage and operate a 100-car parking lot downtown.



Target Park’s state of the art ALPR equipment is currently on display providing key technology that will only allow Employees and Permitted guests in the parking lot.  Their live 24/7 Control Center is providing 100% customer satisfaction throughout all 365 days of the year.


Target Park’s primary goal is to expand their technology, operating and management services and equipment that is currently being provided to Hoboken throughout other cities and municipalities in the United States.



About Target Park




Company History


Target Park was created by Hercules Modopoulos in the early part of 2006 to service a neglected market within the parking industry. Target Park currently operates more than Two Hundred (200) parking facilities from Nova Scotia to Alberta. The company celebrates the exclusive agreement it has with Loblaw’s Supermarkets to operate all its commercial parking facilities. Target Park’s business plan is elaborate and is comprised of many achievable goals and the development of detailed strategies to assist in realizing such goals.


Target Park understands the need in the parking industry for the design and implementation of stringent internal controls and for their strict adherence. The problem with many parking companies including the large public trading companies is that they have not evolved with the times. Having said this, parking will always call for a hands-on, short sleeve protocol, but all the necessary controls must be in place to safeguard the assets. This is true in all situations, whether the facility in question is fully automated or one that is simply attended. The only thing that changes is the makeup of the internal controls designed for the efficient and effective operation of the parking facility.


Neglected Market – Primary Goal:


Our “primary goal” is to identify parking facilities that in our mind are either inappropriately/inefficiently operated, have yet to be identified for their commercial parking


potential or constructed new facilities. In today’s market, parking operators are either attempting to pry away parking facilities from one another by simply increasing the ante or expanding their operation by acquiring other companies. For the betterment of the industry and for the property owners, it is vital that we as prudent operators and become more creative in our approach that will add value to the properties that we manage. At Target Park, we will guarantee that we will assist in designing, constructing and equipping a first-class parking facility. Profits will be maximized, and at the same time provide a premium service for our patrons.


Equipment and technology:


Target Park has developed a suite of proprietary technologies to address the unique requirements of our landlords. Some of the more pertinent technologies are as follows:


  • Pay on Foot with Automatic License Plate Recognition Parking Control System
  • Pay in Lane with Automatic License Plate Recognition Parking Control System
  • Pay by Plate with Automatic License Plate Recognition Parking Control System
  • Front Desk Guest Parking Registration System
  • Banquet and Events Self-Serve Plate Registration Kiosks
  • Banquet and Events Back-End Event Administration System
  • Valet Parking Management and Tracking System
  • Pay by Phone Application to give customers a way to pay on the go
  • Enforcement Applications to assist with revenue control and ticket writing


In addition to the above proprietary technologies, Target Park has built strategic partnerships with industry leading parking equipment manufacturers that allow us to remain competitive regardless of the methodology that we are proposing.


Our main objective is always providing a solution that is easy to use for the customer while providing a complete audit trail and other significant internal controls that ensures for revenue security and cash control. We must bear in mind that Customers may already be stressed from the day to day challenges of their lives, we don’t need to add further inconveniences. Whether the parking facility is catering to a hospital, school, hospitality complex, residential building or office, the parking experience must be pleasant. After all, the parking operation is the first and last point of contact a person has with a facility!




The parking facilities we manage range in size from twenty (20) to three thousand (3,000) parking stalls. Target Park currently deals with the following landlords in Canada; Loblaw’s Supermarkets, Seniority Investments (founders and developers of Yorkville), Westmont Hospitality, Homestead, Hollyburn, Capreit (largest residential Reit in Canada), BridalPath Investments, City of Toronto, 5600 Yonge Street Inc, Silver Hotel Group, Hilton, Westin, Hyatt, Sheraton, Radisson, Mastercraft Starwood, Menkes, Milkin, Metropia.


Check out this link: http://hobokennj.gov/2017/08/hoboken-opens-northwest-pop-up-park-and-municipal-parking-lot/


For more information about Target Park U.S., please contact:

Target Park: http://targetpark.com

Chet Wilkolaski

Cell: 973-407-0431

Email: Chet@targetpark.ca