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LAZ Parking Announces New Electric Vehicle Charging Program to Install 500 New Charging Stations at Locations Nationwide

April 29, 2021



LAZ Parking Announces New Electric Vehicle Charging Program to Install 500 New Charging Stations at Locations Nationwide




As part of this new initiative, 500 Tesla Connectors will be rolled out nationwide at LAZ locations.



HARTFORD, Conn., April 29, 2021  — LAZ Parking announced a new electric vehicle (EV) charging program today. The initiative will bring 500 new Tesla Connectors to LAZ Parking locations nationwide.

Company officials said that Tesla vehicles account for more than 85 percent of electric cars in use across the United States. By installing Tesla Charging, LAZ will attract Tesla drivers to its parking garages via Tesla’s in-app and in-car touch screens. By hosting Tesla charging zones at current and future locations, LAZ can generate incremental revenue for clients. Residential, commercial, hotel, and retail locations are the primary focus of the initial launch.

“Providing value for our clients and customers is, and always has been, at the heart of everything we do as a company,” said LAZ Chairman and CEO Alan Lazowski. “This initiative recognizes the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market and positions our clients to meet the fast-growing demand for charging stations. At the same time, it provides clients with a way to implement these upgrades at a significantly reduced cost while benefitting from the revenue generated from the use of chargers.”

Tesla is rolling out a pay-for-use charge network throughout LAZ locations. Rates will be competitive and comparable to other Tesla chargers in each area.

“The EV market is growing exponentially, and our customers will need more and more charging,” Lazowski said. “As LAZ expands its Proximity on Demand Services (PODS), it is imperative that we enable EV charging transactions within our parking facilities for our customers and clients.”

About LAZ Parking
LAZ Parking, founded in Hartford, CT, in 1981, is one of the largest and fastest-growing parking companies in the United States, operating over 1.2 million parking spaces across the country in over 3,128 locations in 32 states and 438 cities. With four decades of experience providing parking management, transportation, and mobility services, LAZ works seamlessly across a variety of market segments, including hospitality and valet, office buildings, medical, airport and transportation, campus, government and municipal, retail, events, residential buildings, and shuttle services. Additional information can be found at www.lazparking.com.

MeterFeeder: How are Tesla’s robo-taxis going to park?

April 29, 2019



MeterFeeder: How are Tesla’s robo-taxis going to park?



Pittsburgh, PA – If you oversee any sort of parking structure, or are in charge of city on-street parking, you’ve probably wondered how autonomous vehicles would pay for parking in your zone. And if you’ve been paying attention to Tesla’s recent “robotaxi” network announcement, you might be starting to get a little nervous about how you’ll be able to accommodate “over 1 million robo-taxis” by the end of 2020.



You’re not alone. Cities across the United States and across the world are scrambling to figure out how autonomous vehicles will change the curb. The common misconception is that robo-cars like Teslas will never stop to pay for parking ever again because they could just keep driving. That simply isn’t true, as the cost associated with driving all day is much higher than picking a dynamic parking space. Not to mention that cities will not allow more congestion on their streets when parking is available and affordable.


The truth is, you as a parking manager will have to guide these autonomous vehicles to the best parking for the best price thousands of times per day. You need to have dynamic pricing models that encourage efficient curb utilization.  If you don’t, the cars will find somewhere else to pay that’s cheaper. And you can’t wait any longer. States across the US are making it legal for autonomous vehicles to operate on public roads.


You need a curb management solution like MeterFeeder to handle this. MeterFeeder’s new Pay-By-Vehicle technology allows autonomous vehicles to find and payfor parking without any human interaction. That’s parking revenue deposited directly to your account without interaction from any humans. MeterFeeder integrates with existing traditional parking solutions or can provide its own app and enforcement kits.


If you’d like to learn more about Pay-By-Vehicle or pilot it in your parking zones, please fill out the contact form here. Or, email Elliott O’Brien.


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