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Tattile announces the availability of Tattile Academy: a new learning portal for channel partners.

October 18, 2021




Tattile announces the availability of Tattile Academy: a new learning portal for channel partners.



Italian ANPR specialist Tattile S.r.l., part of TKH Group, recently announced that it has released the first version of an online learning environment for its channel partners. The learning portal will contain courses about all ANPR Cameras and related products within the Tattile portfolio and in addition, will present online problem-solving tools and an extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.


Massimiliano Cominelli, chief commercial officer of Tattile, comments on the ideas behind the new learning portal: “After a decade of consecutive growth, our client base has expanded significantly. Thousands of cameras are currently in operation, and many more are installed every day across all continents. Tattile has always believed in speedy, high-quality customer service. We believe that the launch will help our channel partners to obtain all information and skills needed to plan and execute the installation and commissioning of our ANPR solutions successfully. The portal provides our clients with all the instruments needed to become experts in our ANPR solutions. And the great thing is that this information and these tools are available at any time and place that is convenient to them. Of course, our field engineers and commercial staff will remain available to provide personal support. It is one of the many things that we currently are planning to do to further improve our services and facilitate the continued growth of our company”.


The Tattile Academy is already available, and it is open to partners from Tattile only. Users can request an account online.

Courses are perfectly designed to optimize the learning experience: you will be an active player in your journey, able to interact with the contents and check your knowledge through engaging quizzes.


The first published content on the Academy consists of an extensive FAQ section that covers all camera models, online manuals of all Tattile products and interactive courses for VEGA BASIC and VEGA SMART.


The available content and tools will be improved and expanded in the upcoming months since Tattile strongly believes that the learning portal will be an important driver of partner success during several stages of projects that involve Tattile ANPR Cameras.


Tattile Academy can be found online at: https://academy.tattile.com/.