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Westward Industries Releases New Twin Passenger 4-Wheel LSV – MAXX

October 11, 2019




Westward Industries Releases New Twin Passenger 4-Wheel LSV – MAXX



Westward Industries is excited to announce the release of its new on-road, four-wheel, electric LSV MAXX.  Ideal for parking enforcement or utility and landscape, the MAXX provides up to 2,000 charge cycles with its standard lithium ion pack.



“The MAXX is a game changer” according to Westward Industries VP, Chris Franz. “MAXX was created as a more budget-friendly, versatile, twin passenger vehicle.  The 3-wheel GO-4 will still serve our customers demanding a strictly parking enforcement vehicle with greater range and agility, however for those customers seeking a vehicle that has multiple applications, and can still help with parking enforcement, MAXX will be a great option.”

Just like the rest of the vehicles in the GO-4 series, Westward Industries can equip the MAXX with numerous options specific to client needs including license plate recognition technology, heat, AC, adjustable seats, Bluetooth radio, and more.

The MAXX is a valuable and efficient solution to any municipal or campus fleet, offering a 1000 lb payload, minimal battery degradation, low maintenance, and an onboard battery management system. The MAXX offers room for two passengers, right-hand or left-hand driving, and a 4 foot by 5 foot aluminum deck.

Download the GO-4 MAXX brochure and contact our dealers for more details.