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Westminster Head of Service and Transformation joins AppyParking

August 31, 2018



Westminster Head of Service and Transformation joins AppyParking




AppyParking is pleased to announce that Kieran Fitsall, former Head of Service Improvement and Transformation at Westminster City Council, will join the AppyParking team as Regional Director of Asia-Pacific. Kieran joins AppyParking with immediate effect and will be based in Sydney, Australia where he will be looking at new international opportunities across Australia, China and Japan.



Kieran will support Dan Hubert, CEO and Founder in continuing to spread AppyParking’s positive parking message and help educate local authorities about the best practices that AppyParking have developed to overcome the friction and inefficiencies of traditional parking solutions.


Dan Hubert, CEO and Founder of AppyParking said:

‘I am very excited to have Kieran join the AppyParking team. Ever since I founded the company in 2013 Kieran has always supported our innovative solutions and as a result truly groundbreaking kerbside management technology is now going mainstream thanks to Kieran’s collaborative nature. Having his wealth of knowledge and experience within the public sector will provide invaluable strategic value.’


Kieran started his career at Westminster City Council in the parking team in 1994 as a Payments Officer and moved up the managerial ranks to become Service Development Manager in Parking Services in 2009. It was there where he was accountable for managing the largest parking operation in Europe with contracts worth in excess of £28m annually and generating revenues in excess of £50m. Kieran’s micro and macro experience across parking, procurement, technology as well as politics saw him get promoted to Head of Service Improvement and Transformation in 2014 to work across the Westminster City Council Management directorate.


Commenting on his new appointment, Kieran Fitsall said:

‘Working for AppyParking across Asia-Pacific is going to be fantastic. The team have done a great job of revolutionising parking in the UK and evolving it into kerbside management. This is essential for the local authorities to maintain a relevant presence in the efficient management of connected vehicles and taking this technology to an international audience is a huge opportunity. I have been a great advocate of Dan and the AppyParking team and I am proud of what we’ve already achieved together, which makes the next step on this journey all the more exciting.’


News about Kieran comes shortly after Gary Thornton’s appointment who was previously Head of Marketing at ZipCar. 




Dan Hubert CEO dan@appyparking.com 07941 413875 www.appyparking.com

About AppyParking


Dan Hubert founded AppyParking in 2013 when he tried to park outside The Royal Albert Hall and found it a near impossible task, thanks to confusing sign posts and crammed parking bays. He decided he wanted to make parking simpler.

AppyParking™ is more than just another parking app. We’re a connected car and intelligent kerbside management solution that provides a platform for the fragmented public and private sector to manage their on and off-street parking and traffic management data.

The Parking Platform™ understands every possible rule, restriction and tariff and provides the world’s first standardised parking and traffic management data set. Available as an API, app and web application, AppyParking not only saves drivers time, money and parking fines but save cities from congestion and most importantly pollution.


AppyParking is Europe’s most awarded parking app and has been awarded cross-sector by the parking industry, the automotive industry and the general public.

AppyParkinghaswontwoinnovationawardsintheprestigiousBritishParkingAwardsandwasrecently voted the 15th most disruptive company in theworld.

London Borough of Hounslow, UK: Clamping down on illegal night time parking

February 28, 2018

London Borough of Hounslow, UK: Clamping down on illegal night time parking


A new taskforce responsible for tackling night time parking violations has begun working across the borough.

The parking enforcement team will monitor all areas of the borough, looking out for parking violations to stop increasingly illegal behaviour that takes place in the evening and at night.

Vehicle owners who ignore parking rules will be given a fine of up to £110.
The new team has been introduced following complaints from residents about parking problems in the evening and at night.

Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council said: “Some irresponsible drivers have started habitually parking illegally at night, thinking that they can get away with it.
“When a resident can’t move their car out from their drive or cross the road safely because a vehicle is blocking them it’s not on, and we’re doing something about it.

“Parking rules are there for a reason. Stick to them and you won’t be fined.”
This new initiative is being trialled for a year and will be reviewed thereafter.
Motorists are reminded that parking on double yellow lines is not permitted at any time.
Drivers should always check on-street signage to see if parking restrictions apply.



April 15, 2016




An accreditation scheme that recognises how parking operators look after all their customers has been launched by disability rights campaigner Helen Dolphin MBE.


Helen lost all four of her limbs to meningococcal septicaemia on Christmas Day 1997 but this has not held her back. She has worked in television, holds several British swimming records and last year received an MBE in recognition for her services to disabled people. Making life better for disabled people is where the idea for People’s Parking came from;


“As a disabled person I have often struggled to get in and out of car parks. This is because I find it incredibly difficult to take tickets out of machines and also to put coins in slots. However, by making a few simple changes many car parks can make themselves accessible to disabled people and in doing so attract more customers. But access is not just something that affects disabled people. Parents with children can find it difficult to get them in and out of vehicles in standard sized bays and people driving high-sided vehicles have very little parking opportunities off-street. I therefore came up with People’s Parking.”

The People’s Parking initiative seeks to recognise how car parks cater for the needs of a variety of different users. Car parks applying for the People’s Parking accreditation will need to prove they are: well managed; have good signage; are clean and bright; offer good pedestrian access; and that parking rules are enforced.

Depending on the facilities offered, car parks can also gain additional accreditations if they are: accessible for disabled people; family friendly; have no height restrictions; provide cycle parking or feature charging for electric vehicles.

There are also accreditations for car parks that are convenient for commuters, close to shops, good for airport passengers and where parking can be pre-booked or paid for by phone.

The accreditation scheme requires completion of a self-assessment supplemented by photographic evidence.

The launch of People’s Parking offers parking operators an inclusive assessment scheme where they can promote the facilities they have on offer. For the public it means a simple way to find a car park which meets your requirements before you leave the house.

People’s Parking is currently UK based but Helen hopes it could become international in the future.



‘Overwhelming’ support for Pay-on-Exit solutions for hospital car parks

March 02, 2016



In a recent RAC report on parking, motorists came out in favour of a pay-on-exit solution for parking in hospitals. Of the 1,217 motorists surveyed, 63% favoured paying for parking when exiting the car park which removes the requirement and stress of having to return to their cars to top-up their parking.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “Our research shows that ease of payment is an issue for hospital visitors. The vast majority of people surveyed by the RAC would like to see car parks where payment is made on leaving so they don’t have try to guess their length of stay, something which is never easy to do when visiting a sick friend or relative or rushing to hospital in an emergency situation.”


METRIC has worked with many hospitals and has seen a trend for more ANPR controlled car parks which answers many issues when managing a hospital car park.

Firstly, with an ANPR integrated system there are no barriers required meaning patients, visitors and staff can enter and exit the car park freely.


Secondly, as their vehicle details are captured on arrival, the parking fee for the motorist is based on the length of their stay so that they pay for exactly the time they used when they are ready to exit the car park. METRIC’s parking terminals have all possible payment options from coin to credit cards including contactless making it easy for motorists to pay for their parking.


METRIC have delivered many solutions throughout the UK working in partnership with parking management companies with the latest installation commissioned with Total Parking Solutions (TPS) at St Mary’s NHS Treatment Centre in Portsmouth.

The RAC report goes further and would like to see free parking hospitals but concedes this may open it up to a free-for-all parking if the hospital is close to town centres or shopping areas. Simon Williams added: “A validation system would prevent those not on hospital business from taking advantage of free parking so only those with a genuine reason to be there would benefit.”


Again, METRIC has an ANPR integrated solution for this with the award-winning VivoPark system. This solution uses vouchers for motorists to validate their free parking. The system can also be configured with a white list for staff or long term visitors to negate the need to use the parking terminal every visit.


Richard Boultbee, Sales and Marketing Director for METRIC, says: “We welcome reports like this from the RAC. We know that parking is never going to be favoured by motorists but we strive to make their experience better whether that be with user friendly parking terminals or a complete system designed to minimise the stress of parking.”




Image: ANPR integrated Elite LS at St Mary’s NHS Treatment Centre



About METRIC Group Ltd: METRIC are the leading UK manufacturer of parking terminals. Based in Swindon, Wiltshire, METRIC design, manufacture and supply parking terminals worldwide. METRIC won the BPA Parking Technology award in 2015 for the VivoPark solution – for barrier-free parking in retail.


For sales enquiries: sales@metricgroup.co.uk – 01793 647800


NHS says yes to ANPR solution from TPS and METRIC

January 13, 2016



St Mary’s Community Health Campus is the first NHS site to benefit from a customer-centric ANPR system from Total Parking Solutions (TPS) using METRIC’s Elite LS parking terminal. The NHS site delivers dermatology, dietetics, maternity and rehabilitation services, and with the new parking solution allows their patients a stress-free parking experience by allowing them to pay on return rather than trying to estimate how long they will be at their appointments.


The system is simple and user friendly, when a car park user enters the area the system takes an image of the vehicle captured by ANPR cameras, allowing the customer barrier-free entry to the car park. Following their visit, the user enters their vehicle registration at the Elite LS parking terminal and is presented with images on a large HD colour screen that match the details entered, they then select and confirm their vehicle and pay for the amount of time they have stayed. The terminals are equipped for both coin and chip & pin card payments.


The system was implemented to replace an old Pay & Display system which was no longer fit for the client’s needs and the needs of their customers.


Managing Director of Total Parking Solutions, Tito Ponzetta said of the installation: “TPS are delighted to have secured an exclusive contract with NHS Solent to provide our own unique brand of car park management based on 21st Century technology coupled with traditional values. The entire system has been developed in collaboration with METRIC specifically for the NHS and has been designed to deliver a more enlightened way of managing car parking in this challenging environment”.


Richard Boultbee, Sales & Marketing Director at Metric Group Ltd “We are really pleased to have provided an integrated solution with TPS to meet the needs of their clients. We understand that it is now important for Hospitals to consider systems which allow customer payment following a visit, and are pleased we can offer this without the high cost usually associated with barrier systems”


About METRIC Group Ltd: METRIC are the leading UK manufacturer of parking terminals. Based in Swindon, Wiltshire, METRIC design, manufacture and supply parking terminals worldwide. METRIC won the BPA Parking Technology award in 2015 for the VivoPark solution – for barrier-free parking in retail.

For sales enquiries: sales@metricgroup.co.uk – 01793 647800


Get ready to pay for parking with Apple Pay

December 21, 2015


CALE group

Colchester is the first town in UK able to pay for parking with Apple Pay and contactless credit/debit card payments. Consumers can now use convenient payment choices using their mobile devices or Apple watch and know that their transactions are fully secure.

The contactless reader will allow Apple Pay users to pay for parking with their iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Apple Watch. Cale, global leader in unattended payment technology, is offering secure contactless card readers that accept Apple Pay for its Cale WebTerminal pay stations (CWT).

Trevor Degville of Colchester Borough Council said: We are extremely pleased with this solution. Public popularity with the service is growing and the contactless payments are quick and easy to use.

Society is becoming increasingly digitized, and also car drivers get used to being able to benefit from the advantages of new technology increasing demands of our customers.

-Customers are demanding simpler payment solutions, and Apply Pay has been developed to meet these high requirements. This is a natural progression based on our dedication to offer innovative and secure means for payment making parking easier. The transaction time from start to finish is now simple and as fast as coins, says Christopher Octon, CEO, Cale UK.

The new Apple Pay-enabled readers are a game-changer for the parking and transit payment industries. With increased popularity of mobile wallets like Apple Pay, consumers can now drive preferred and convenient payment choices using their mobile devices and know that their transactions are fully secure.

About Cale

Cale is a global leader in unattended payment technology. Cale was the first parking technology company to successfully deploy parking terminals allowing EMV chip-and-pin transactions in the UK in 2007.
For more information

Email: sales@calebriparc.co.uk

Telephone: +44 1892 839489

Cale offers innovative and efficient parking solutions. From the start in 1955, Cale has developed into a world leading brand within the parking business, with a turnover close to half a billion SEK. Cale has subsidiaries, distributors and customers all around the world.

Cale specialises in customising technology, may it be for parking terminals, mobile payment solutions, transaction handling or centralised software systems, and converts this into functionality, always with the highest possible focus on the parking operator as well as the driver.

You are welcome to visit our website, www.calegroup.se, to read more about our products and services, or feel free to contact us.