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Parking and Mobility Company, Spot Parking Rebrands to Modii: Leading Digital Infrastructure in Mobility Spaces

February 06, 2023




Parking and Mobility Company, Spot Parking Rebrands to Modii: Leading Digital Infrastructure in Mobility Spaces




With a New Year, comes a new name. Modii, formerly known as Spot Parking, is rebranding to better reflect its mission of modernizing mobility. The new name represents the company’s core focus on creating digital infrastructure, data integration, and parking intelligence. 

As urban areas become increasingly congested and consumer expectations continue to adapt, Modii is supporting digital transformation to meet these challenges – transforming the way people travel in the built environment through data-driven mobility solutions.

The Modii platform creates an ecosystem that unifies technologies and provides efficient and cost-effective solutions to the parking and mobility industry. Modii President, Mark Frumar, said the company’s rebrand is timely as the industry continues to embrace a data-driven approach to improve the lives of their communities.

“Using technology to solve problems that continually plague the industry has always been a focus of ours. We are excited to now expand our platform to align with our customer’s future vision of frictionless multi-modal transportation and sustainability”

“As we see the requirement of a digital infrastructure becoming mainstream, our rebrand will better position us to support our customers,” said Mr. Frumar.

Modii’s customers include several of the country’s largest and most prominent universities, as well as growing municipalities leading innovation from coast to coast.

Modii will maintain its commitment to providing excellent service to its customers. The company’s new logo and branding will be rolled out across all of its products and services in the coming weeks.

For more information contact Alina Prioteasa at alina@modii.co or visit our website at www.modii.co

Propark Mobility Selected by CampusParc to Manage Parking for The Ohio State University

December 14, 2022


Propark Mobility Selected by CampusParc to Manage Parking for The Ohio State University



Columbus, Ohio – Propark Mobility announced today that it has partnered with CampusParc, the concessionaire for the long-term parking lease at The Ohio State University, to provide parking management services for the institution.

“We’re proud to partner with CampusParc to provide Propark’s leading parking management solutions on The Ohio State University campus,” said Stephen Duffy, Chief Strategy Officer, Propark. “Our decades of experience serving universities and stadiums, alongside our continuous growth in the region, position us to make significant contributions to the campus parking experience and the overall community.”

Propark will provide parking management services for Ohio State’s Columbus campus, which features nearly 37,000 parking stalls and 16 garages. Employing more than 250 team members for the operation, Propark will implement parking solutions that effectively streamline the parking process and enhance the campus experience for more than 65,000 university students and over 40,000 faculty and staff members, as well as millions of sporting event attendees and patients every year.

“Propark brings expert parking and mobility operations and premium service to our partnership, while offering a fresh perspective and new approach that will continue to enhance the services we provide to Ohio State, as well as the students, faculty, staff and visitors who travel to and around campus each day,” said Sarah Blouch, CampusParc President and CEO.

CampusParc is beginning the 11th year of the long-term parking lease. The company provides oversight and management of the initial $483 million investment made in The Ohio State University parking system, while the third-party vendor and parking expert, Propark Mobility, provides the operational services related to parking across campus.

“Through this partnership, Propark will combine our expertise in university parking management with our specialized stadium and event parking services to enhance on-campus operations,” said Rudy Touvell, Senior Vice President, Propark. “We’re dedicated to creating an efficient daily parking experience for students, faculty, and staff, in addition to a seamless event parking experience for visitors and Ohio State fans.”

About Propark Mobility

Propark Mobility is one of the country’s largest privately-owned parking companies, providing full-service parking and mobility services for over 750 hospitality, healthcare, commercial, university, and off-airport locations, in over 100 cities across the United States. For more information, please visit, www.propark.com.

Parker Technology Partners with University of Houston to Improve the Campus Parking Experience

June 13, 2022




Parker Technology Partners with University of Houston

to Improve the Campus Parking Experience




Houston, TX —Parker Technology, the leading provider of parking customer service, has been partnering with the University of Houston since July of 2021 to provide 24/7 customer support, with two-way video technology, in the University’s parking facilities. With Parker’s customer service solution, students, faculty, staff, and visitors parking in campus parking facilities can quickly reach a Parker Technology customer service representative if they experience problems when entering, exiting or paying.


“We are delighted to be partnering with Parker Technology,” said Neil Hart, Executive Director of Parking and Transportation Services for the University of Houston. “We are gaining access to the industry’s best and most responsive customer service provider, while streamlining our own parking operations. Our partnership with Parker will elevate the parking experience and significantly reduce our parking management costs.”


Parker Technology’s solution works in tandem with the University’s existing T2 PARCS equipment, providing instant access to Parker’s cloud-based platform, and thus a connection to their customer service reps. Additionally, several of the facilities have Parker’s patented two-way video functionality enabled. The Parker solution is available in 111 lanes, throughout 22 campus parking facilities, including six garages and 16 parking lots.


In today’s increasingly automated parking industry, Parker’s customer support platform can provide the sole connection between parkers and trained professionals who can help solve common problems related to paying for parking or entering and exiting garages. Each year, parkers across the US reach out to customer service professionals via call buttons at least 85 million times. This statistic is extrapolated from the Parker Technology platform, which also records and analyzes data about each call to determine which issues are most common. This data helps provide parking operators with insight at potential efficiencies in better managing their parking resources.


“We are proud to be working with the University of Houston and T2 to improve the campus parking experience,” said Brian Wolff, President and CEO of Parker Technology. “This was a complicated project with a lot of moving parts, and its success was the product of close collaboration between the university’s parking team, T2, and the Parker team. And now as a result, each of the university’s parking facilities can offer instant access to a trained customer service professional whenever necessary, 24/7.”


About the University of Houston

Established in 1927, the University of Houston empowers students in their pursuit of learning, discovery, leadership, and engagement. Located in a sprawling metropolis, their premier Tier One campus provides students with cutting-edge programs including undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, distance and continuing education studies. Ranked among the best colleges in America, UH is home to award-winning faculty, innovative research centers, alumni who have become international leaders and one of the most diverse student populations in the nation.


About Parker Technology

For parking operators who have limited resources to manage intercom and inbound customer service calls, Parker Technology combines parking domain expertise, a flexible software platform and their professional customer service center, or your staff, to ensure customer problems are resolved efficiently and according to the facility’s business rules. Parker helps clients create a better customer experience, while collecting more revenue, keeping traffic moving, freeing up internal staff to focus on higher-priority on-site tasks, and gathering data insights to run operations more effectively. Learn more at www.helpmeparker.com.


CampusParc Selects Propark Mobility as New Operator of The Ohio State University Parking System

April 21, 2022





CampusParc Selects Propark Mobility as New Operator of

The Ohio State University Parking System



COLUMBUS, Ohio – CampusParc, the concessionaire for the Long-Term Parking Lease at The Ohio State University, announced today that it has selected Propark Mobility to operate The Ohio State University Parking System effective January 1, 2023. Over the past nine years, CampusParc has focused on partnering with the university to provide efficient delivery of parking services and products, while exploring new approaches that move towards a more seamless and simple parking experience for customers.

“Propark brings expert parking and mobility operations and premium service to our partnership, while offering a fresh perspective and new approach that will continue to enhance the services we provide to Ohio State, as well as the students, faculty, staff and visitors who travel to and around campus each day,” said Sarah Blouch, CampusParc president and CEO. “We are proud of what we’ve accomplished with LAZ Parking and are pleased that LAZ will remain a partner to us through the provision of select specialty services.”

CampusParc manages one of the largest parking systems in the nation at Ohio State and is responsible for overseeing all parking assets, including maintenance and operation of the parking facilities. CampusParc has made significant investments in staff and technology to gather and analyze university parking data, informing current and future demand and challenges. With Propark’s deep understanding and experience operating complex parking systems, CampusParc will continue advancing smart solutions to parking and mobility across the university campus.

“We are excited to begin a partnership with CampusParc, in support of The Ohio State University, to bring sustainable parking solutions and guest services to this incredible campus,” said John Schmid, CEO and chairman for Propark, which offers its services to more than 600 hospitality, healthcare, commercial and off-airport locations in more than 100 cities in the United States. “Smart and innovative parking solutions require collaboration, and we look forward to working with CampusParc to meet the needs of customers visiting this growing campus environment.”

CampusParc provides oversite and management of the Ohio State parking system, ensuring compliance with all terms of its long-term lease with the university, and contracts with an operator to address the day-to-day responsibilities of parking, maintenance, and customer service. The official transition to Propark will begin in Q3 2022with Propark assuming full-service responsibility on January 1, 2023.

UW – Eau Claire Implements AIMS LPR and AMP Park Pay-by-Phone Solution

February 01, 2022




UW – Eau Claire Implements AIMS LPR and AMP Park Pay-by-Phone Solution



University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire has leveraged the AIMS system to modernize their parking operation, provide contactless parking options to their campus community and streamline their enforcement tools.    A user of the AIMS system since 2012, UW-Eau Claire transitioned to virtual permitting and LPR enforcement in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

The decision to implement AMP Park in 2020 stemmed in part from COVID’s effects on customers’ parking patterns and needs.   AMP Park integrates with AIMS in real-time and provides parkers with a contactless payment solution and short-term parking options.

In turn, UW-Eau Claire leverages the AIMS LPR solution for real-time enforcement of their entire parking operation including virtual permitting, AMP Park pay-by-plate transactions, vehicle hot lists, and enforcement of shared permits.

One of the many benefits realized by UW-Eau Claire is the ability to use one back-end system to track and view LPR and pay-by-plate data.  According to Allyson Wisniewski, Parking Supervisor at UW-Eau Claire, “We have used AIMS since 2012, transitioned to the LPR system in 2021 and were one of the first AIMS customers along with the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh to implement AMP on our campus.  The customer service from AIMS is hands down the best.   I really like that pay by plate is integrated seamlessly for the user and the backend all within AIMS. “

UW-Eau Claire continues to use the AIMS suite of products to provide their customers with an easy-to-use parking self service portal, backend permit and citation management, and complete reporting on each and every aspect of their parking operation.




EDC Corporation is a leading provider of parking systems for municipalities, higher education, and other industry segments. For 25 years, AIMS system has been implemented and hard at work at over 180 parking operations across North America.

Proven, reliable, easy-to-use, fully integrated, scalable and fully supported by a customer-focused team of in-house software developers, seasoned field/sales professionals, and knowledgeable implementation experts — AIMS supports: ticket management; permit management; mobile enforcement; LPR (license plate recognition); event management; and a consumer-facing mobile payment app.

EDC offers a step-by-step process simplified process for transitioning to a new parking system.

To learn more about AIMS Parking Management Solutions — or schedule a live demo – visit www.aimsparking.com.


The University of Delaware announces Neil Werner as the Director of Parking and Transportation Services

September 30, 2021


The University of Delaware announces Neil Werner as the Director of Parking and Transportation Services



The University of Delaware is pleased to announce Neil Werner as the Director of Parking and Transportation Services.  Neil comes to UD from Stony Brook University in New York.

In addition to budget responsibilities and 75 staff members, Neil will oversee the shuttle bus system, motor pool, vehicle maintenance and medical transport under Transportation Services. Parking Services oversight will include permit sales, enforcement, lot maintenance, and event parking.

The University of Delaware has  23,600 students, manages 10,600 parking spaces, three multi-use garages,  and runs 11 buses on 5 routes daily.



Louisiana State University Streamlines Processes with T2’s All-in-One System

January 25, 2021

Louisiana State University Streamlines Processes with T2’s All-in-One System



Louisiana State University, located in Baton Rouge, is the flagship university of the Pelican State. From championship-winning athletics to award-winning academic programs to cutting-edge research, LSU is known for excellence in many areas. However, LSU Parking & Transportation Services had fallen behind the times, riddled with end-of-life equipment and an in-house-built system that failed to connect everything together.

With a quarter of the gates across LSU’s campus not functioning and an inability to find replacement parts, enforcement officers were spending their time sitting at the gates rather than writing citations, though their end-of-life handhelds would have made that challenging anyway. This made it difficult for LSU to keep the core of its campus secure and led to a significant loss of revenue.

Additionally, LSU’s in-house-built parking management system did not connect the department’s various solutions – permit management, enforcement, PARCS, and meters – leaving the team with manual processes, disconnects, and redundant information.

LSU implemented T2 Flex® software for permit management and enforcement, T2 FlexPort for online permit sales and citation payments, T2’s Mobile Enforcement App, and T2 Logan PARCS, all of which run on a single platform and integrate with one another and third-party systems seamlessly.

Flex serves as the epicenter for LSU’s parking operation, where they can manage and configure permits and monitor enforcement activity and citations. FlexPort makes it possible for the team to sell permits online through a dedicated web portal, which are then fulfilled through T2’s PermitDirect solution. With PermitDirect, T2 partner WW&L takes the orders made through FlexPort and handles the printing and shipping of the credentials.

The Mobile Enforcement App enables LSU’s enforcement officers to easily perform permit lookups and issue citations from a smartphone, all while integrating seamlessly with Flex in real-time. As far as access and revenue control, LSU installed T2 Logan PARCS hardware at 64 access points across several surface lots and two garages. Flex also serves as the back end system to manage these facilities and lanes.

A man in a yellow shirt and a woman in a purple shirt wear face masks and hold parking permits whilst standing in front of a white car. One of the biggest successes for LSU Parking & Transportation has simply been having working equipment, with officers able to conduct enforcement rather than sitting at the broken gates and staff no longer constantly focused on fixing broken equipment.

With all aspects of their operation now in a single system, it’s much easier for the Parking Services team to provide credentials to students, faculty, and staff, while enforcement officers have accurate, real-time information in their hands. And, manual processes like raising gates can be done with the push of a button.

Meanwhile, Flex’s robust reporting capabilities and seamless integrations have made reconciliation much easier for the business office. Previously the systems were not syncing and so everything needed to be double-checked, but now they are able to bill without doing a lot of extra research.

“It is a lot more seamless now than it ever has been before,” Laura Foster, Assistant Director of Financial Operations stated, “so that’s our goal: to keep on creating automated processes that work, to allow us to function with the new requirements that we’re getting – because stuff is always changing – and to also make it seamless and easy for the customer, where they have the confidence on what they need to do when they are coming, regardless if it’s a visitor, student, faculty member, or just a unique situation.”


About T2 Systems T2 Systems:

T2 is the largest provider of parking, transportation, and mobility solutions in North America. With over 25 years in business T2 now serves more than 1,700 customers and maintains the largest Customer Community with over 5,000 active members. T2’s open technology and best practices are used to process over 2 billion US dollars annually, and the company’s PARCS, Permits, Enforcement, Pay Stations, and Professional Services capabilities are renowned for innovation and reliability. T2 solutions help universities, municipalities, operators, healthcare campuses, transportation hubs generate revenue and operate efficiently with integrated solutions featuring touchless and contactless options. From curbside management to gateless, from mobile payments to transportation demand management, T2 strives to make every trip a smooth journey by streamlining the parking, mobility, and transportation experience with technology solutions that help organizations manage resources, achieve goals and empower consumers with choices.

T2 Systems

Duke adds two 40-foot electric buses to its campus fleet; the buses are expected to go into service next week

January 22, 2021






Duke adds two 40-foot electric buses to its campus fleet; the buses are expected to go into service next week




Two new fully-electric buses have arrived and are expected to begin operating on campus next week as Duke takes another sustainable step toward carbon neutrality by 2024.

Each 40-foot Proterra ZX5 bus carries up to 40 seated passengers and operates for about 200 miles on a single charge. The battery-electric buses release zero tailpipe emissions, require no oil changes and use no liquid fuels.

One of the electric buses displays the Sustainable Duke logo.The buses will run the C1 route, connecting East and West campuses. One bus serves as a mobile billboard for Duke’s commitment to carbon neutrality, featuring the Sustainable Duke logo, images of electric cords and messages like “green technology,” “reduced emissions” and “100% electric.” The other bus displays a message that it is 100 percent electric.

“This is a first we’re very proud of,” said Carl DePinto, director of Duke Parking and Transportation Services. “We’re happy to do our part in helping Duke become climate neutral.”

Duke currently operates 24 buses that run on hybrid-diesel or diesel fuel. The new battery-powered electric buses will replace two diesel vehicles, saving Duke on maintenance and fuel, DePinto said.

For full article please click on link below:







Parking Industry Coalition Thanks Congress and Administration for CARES Act Leadership

March 30, 2020

Parking Industry Coalition Thanks Congress and Administration for CARES Act Leadership



Calls for Further Assistance for Medium-Sized Businesses


WASHINGTON, March 27, 2020  — The parking industry through Women in Parking, Veterans in Parking, the Airport Ground Transportation Association (AGTA) and the Near Airport Parking Industry Trade Association (NAPITA) thank Congress and the Administration for their leadership in the rapid passage of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to help workers affected with furlough due to the impact of COVID-19.

These industry groups appreciate the Congressional and Administration efforts to aid workers, small businesses and employers nationwide. The package of grants and loans will help our small-business members hold on during the crisis to emerge as employers and continue offering parking as an essential service in our nation’s infrastructure. However, NPA believes further attention must be given to assist medium-sized parking operators and suppliers who have fallen between the cracks of the CARES Act.

Congress has stepped forward in a bipartisan manner to help the country weather the impact of COVID-19 as it has swept the country with closures that have stalled business nationwide. Senators and Representatives from both sides of the aisle, as well as the Treasury Department, were in close contact with parking industry leaders throughout the negotiations. We will continue to work in close partnership with the government to make sure all NPA members are able to access these essential federal lifelines.

NPA President Christine Banning said, “The 581,000 employees in the parking industry and nearly 1 million workers in total supported by parking want to express our appreciation to Congressional leadership and the Administration for the emergency funding in the CARES Act, which provides direct aid to the dedicated individuals who work in our sector, including those who have been temporarily unemployed or furloughed due to the pandemic.”

Equally important are the small business and business loans through the Small Business Administration (SBA) and U.S. Treasury Department, which will infuse businesses with capital to stave off closure or bankruptcy and help businesses rebound from the COVID-19 crisis.

Banning added, “Our country is strong and parking organizations nationwide stand together for parking operators, airport/near airport parking, hospitals, universities, municipalities, and businesses to serve as an essential link in the first mile and last mile of transportation. As Americans, employers, and employees, we are all working hard to stay the course, so that we can rebound as an industry and country. We look forward to working with the federal government to ensure the necessary support is provided to parking employers of all sizes to make this possible.”

Banning commended the Congress for its responsiveness to the employers of the parking industry who are working tirelessly to keep workers employed and aid workers furloughed by the immediate drop off in business due to the novel coronavirus.

The inclusion of key provisions provide relief to an industry besieged by rapid declines in business, putting more than half of all industry workers at risk. Recovery depends upon liquidity for business to stay open and be able to recover and bring back furloughed workers.

WOMEN IN PARKING is the premier organization promoting the advancement and achievement of professional women with mentoring, networking, leadership and career outreach opportunities across all sectors of the parking industry.

Veterans in Parking
Veterans in Parking (ViP) is a Not for Profit Organization comprised of U.S. Military Veterans and Civilians affiliated with the parking industry in the United States. ViP helps recruit, hire and place Military Veterans in careers with the parking industry.

The Airport Ground Transportation Association
AGTA, is an association of ground transportation operators, airport authorities, and industry suppliers dedicated to the continuous improvement of airport ground transportation services for the airline traveling public.

Near Airport Parking Industry Trade Association
The Near Airport Parking Industry Trade Association (NAPITA) represents national and local near-airport parking operators and their 12,000+ employees from across the country, who, each year, see approximately 25 million parking visits. NAPITA’s mission is to partner with airports and other stakeholders in the aviation industry to ensure safe, efficient, and equitable access to their airport curb for off-airport parking operators and to increase the role ground transportation plays in the broader air travel industry and the overall experience for air travelers.

About National Parking Association
The National Parking Association is the nation’s leading voice of the $131 billion parking industry—an essential industry that contributes $260 billion in total economic activity across the country. We are the market leader in parking industry research, education and programs, and advocate for its nearly 1 million employees. We support advancing the interests of the private and public sector in parking technology, sustainable mobility, certification, advocacy, research, and education. Learn more at weareparking.org.

ParkEMU Announce Campus-wide Parking Upgrades at Eastern Michigan University

October 05, 2018



ParkEMU Announce Campus-wide Parking Upgrades at Eastern Michigan University



Ypsilanti, Michigan – October 04, 2018ParkEMU,the operator of Eastern Michigan University’s Parking system, is implementingsignificant upgrades to the University’s parking facilities and technology as a result of a parking concession agreement approved by the Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Board of Regents in December 2017.



ParkEMU is operated by LAZ Parking, one of the nation’s largest parking operators with thousands of parking locations across the country including Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. In April 2018, LAZ Parking, through its partnership with Preston Hollow Capital and Provident Resources Group, launched operations on a 35-year Public Private Partnership at EMU. Through this parking entity, ParkEMU is bringing new technology, innovation and best-in-class parking services to the entire campus.

Students, faculty, and staff returning to the EMU campus this fall have experienced ParkEMU-initiated repaving primarily at the Oakwood South, McKenny, and Normal parking lots on South Campus as well as the northwest corner of the Green Lot 1 parking lot on North Campus, comprising over 1,000 parking spaces in all. These first-year facility improvements in the concession agreement with the University were completed ahead of schedule with more parking system improvements planned for the coming years.

Updated parking services already implemented by ParkEMU include custom software allowing for specialized permit pricing for EMU students, staff and faculty. License plate recognition (LPR) technology has also been installed to provide better customer service and permit enforcement. ParkEMU has also introduced new policies and procedures for both short and long-term maintenance of the parking facilities throughout the EMU campus.

Additional improvements planned or underway include:

  • Custom permits with specialized pricing for Rec/IM users.
  • Online night parking pass sales for visitors.
  • Enhancement of transient parking system to allow parkers to use credit-card receptive Text-to-Park technology at coin-operated parking meters.
  • Increased transient parking with more convenient locations on campus.
  • ParkEMU Motorist Assistance on campus during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) including jump starts, tire changes or tire inflation, and providing up to one gallon of gas if a vehicle is out of gas. ParkEMU does not provide direct lock-out services, but will assist customers to contact a third-party provider for the service.

Under the agreement, Preston Hollow Capital has committed to spend $4.2 million for parking enhancements. But the benefits to EMU go beyond parking. The university also received an up-front capital payment of $55 million; funds that EMU will use to leverage long-term investments in campus buildings and to bolster university reserves. The planned capital improvements had been announced previously and include renovations to Sill Hall, the Rec/IM, the Quirk/Sponberg Theater building and the Science Complex, where lab space will be expanded for new neuroscience and fermentation science programs.

EMU Chief Financial Officer Michael Valdes said the careful bidding and fact-finding process produced an agreement that fit what the university was looking for.

“This group worked very hard to come up with an agreement that yields maximum financial value to the university while providing EMU with a great parking operator,” he said. “LAZ is probably the most experienced firm in the space of public-private partnerships.”

LAZ has been managing Ohio State University’s parking operations since 2012 as part of a $483 million long-term lease and concession agreement with OSU. Parking services LAZ will provide at EMU include management of the permit system, parking enforcement, customer service, and motorist assistance. Additionally, LAZ Parking is responsible for providing parking facility maintenance for a parking system at EMU that is comprised of over 9,000 parking spaces spread throughout 66 parking lots and 2 parking garages.

Steve Hicks, CEO of Provident Resources Group, the concessionaire, noted that “as a national nonprofit focused on serving higher education, Provident is delighted to have this opportunity to partner with EMU in bringing state of the art and parking industry technology and efficiency to the University’s parking operations with LAZ Parking.”


About Eastern Michigan University

Founded in 1849, Eastern is the second oldest university in Michigan. It currently serves more than 20,000 students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, specialist, doctoral and certificate degrees in the arts, sciences and professions. In all, more than 300 majors, minors and concentrations are delivered through the University’s Colleges of Arts and Sciences; Business; Education; Health and Human Services; Technology, and its graduate school. EMU is regularly recognized by national publications for its excellence, diversity, and commitment to applied education. For more information about Eastern Michigan University, visit the University’s website.

About Preston Hollow Capital

Preston Hollow Capital (www.phcllc.com) is the leading solution provider in municipal finance. Headquartered in Dallas, PHC is an independent specialty finance company with more than $1 billion in permanent equity capital and over $2 billion in investment capacity from a diverse investor base comprised of founding management, institutional investors including funds managed by Stone Point Capital and HarbourVest Partners, and several prominent family offices. PHC is uniquely focused upon certain sectors of the municipal bond market including infrastructure, real estate, education, and economic development and general government.  To date, PHC has invested more than $1.4 billion in a variety of such projects.

About Provident Resources Group

Based in Baton Rouge, La., Provident Resources Group is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of building communities by promoting and advancing education; serving the needs of the elderly; promoting and advancing health care; assisting the poor by providing affordable housing; lessening the burdens of government; and preserving the environment. In order to fulfill its mission, the organization is involved in the development, construction, acquisition, ownership, management, maintenance and operation of public facilities. For more information on Provident Resources Group, visit www.provident.org.

About LAZ Parking

LAZ Parking (www.lazparking.com) is the second largest national parking management company in the United States, managing more than 2,500 locations in 336 cities across 28 states plus the District of Columbia, and manages gross revenues in excess of $1.2 billion annually. LAZ was formed in 1981 and is headquartered in Hartford, CT, with regional offices in Columbus, Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. LAZ has built its reputation on being among the most trusted, stable, and innovative parking solution providers in the United States. LAZ is committed to providing its clients with superior customer service through on‐going technological and administrative automation, based upon its corporate goal of being the “highest quality”provider of parking management services. LAZ is committed to employing industry leading best practices to achieve “Operational Excellence”.

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