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SWARCO, McCain – Trendy northern California city, San Ramon, chooses OPTIPARK Parking Guidance and Wayfinding

May 07, 2020

Trendy northern California city, San Ramon, chooses OPTIPARK Parking Guidance and Wayfinding


Marking another Smart City expansion project, City Center, the new heart of downtown San Ramon that nurtures community, commerce and culture has been chosen to deploy McCaiin, Inc.’s OPTIPARK® Parking Guidance System (PGS) to improve the parking experience for the visiting public.


Trendy northern California city, San Ramon, chooses OPTIPARK Parking Guidance and Wayfinding. McCain, Inc., a leader in the supply of intelligent transportation solutions for safety and mobility and a member of the global SWARCO family has been chosen to deploy its OPTIPARK® Parking Guidance System (PGS) in the City Center Bishop Ranch, San Ramon, California to replace an existing nonfunctioning system. City Center is the new heart of downtown San Ramon, nurturing community, commerce and culture. The City Center Bishop Ranch parking facility, located in San Ramon, California is a four-level facility providing parking for 915 cars. Each level has two entry and two exit lanes.

OPTIPARK captures data through camera sensors, then delivers crucial parking availability and location information to drivers utilizing the existing LED signs at the City Center Bishop Ranch Garage. OPTIPARK PGS was selected for its accuracy in capturing parking space data through cameras and software and being able to disseminate that information to third parties or through third party apps and websites. With data captured revealing over 99% accuracy, OPTIPARK PGS solution maximizes both parking space utilization and visitor satisfaction.

“We are pleased to see how quickly the number of OPTIPARK Parking Guidance Systems installations are growing as word-of-mouth spreads between Cities and parking facility owners. Our customers love that OPTIPARK’s detection accuracy has a 99% guarantee. And their customers appreciate finding a parking space quickly and efficiently. It’s an easy win-win for all.” David Leingang, Regional Sales Specialist, McCain, Inc.

McCain Inc. creates intelligent transportation solutions including OPTIPARK Parking Guidance System (PGS) and OPTIPARK Wayfinding Solutions to maximize parking facility occupancy and boost revenue by directing drivers to available parking. McCain’s OPTIPARK PGS and Wayfinding solutions are tailored to the unique needs and budgets of each facility or city and are comprised of cameras, variable message signs (VMS), city-wide wayfinding, reports, actionable insights through accurate data collection, integration and open data sharing for mobile apps.

For more information, visit https://parking.mccain-inc.com/home

About McCain Inc.
McCain Inc. creates intelligent transportation solutions and traffic control equipment to promote safer, more mobile and livable communities. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the SWARCO Group, the San Diego-based transportation technology firm provides high-quality products and services to optimize signalized intersections and parking guidance improving safety and quality of life for all road users. McCain’s innovative solutions are paving the way to the future by creating the next generation of smart city solutions and helping to prepare the infrastructure for connected and autonomous vehicles.

For more information, visit http://www.mccain-inc.com or Twitter @mccain_inc.

SWARCO is a global transportation technology leader dedicated to making the travel experience safer, quicker, more convenient and environmentally sound. Headquartered in Austria, the SWARCO family celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019, honoring its expansive portfolio of urban and interurban traffic control, parking, public transport and street lighting. SWARCO’s livable and smart city solutions include cooperative systems, infrastructure-to-vehicle communications, electromobility, and integrated software solutions. With solutions in 70 countries and more than 3,700 team members, SWARCO is leading the effort to shift conventional transportation management into the digital age.

For more information visit http://www.swarco.com or Twitter @SWARCO_AG.

SacPark Upgrades Parking and Wayfinding Experience: Partnerships with Arrive, Ticketmaster and Waze Improve Fan Experience

November 07, 2019









Partnerships with Arrive, Ticketmaster and Waze Improve Fan Experience




SACRAMENTO, November 7, 2019 – SacPark, the City of Sacramento’s parking reservation system, is providing a better parking experience to people attending games, concerts and shows at venues in the city. Through a partnership with Arrive, Ticketmaster and Waze, customers can find, book and pay for parking in advance of the event, and more easily navigate to their destination.


Event-goers can purchase Arrive-powered parking spaces at lots and garages across the city, including parking for Sacramento Kings games and Broadway Sacramento productions. Parking is sold on the City’s website (sacpark.org), the Sacramento Kings website (nba.com/kings), Broadway Sacramento website (broadwaysacramento.com) and the Golden1 Center website (https://www.golden1center.com). Additionally, people can also purchase parking via Ticketmaster at the same time they purchase tickets to games, shows and events.


“We strive to make game day an incredible experience for our fans, from the time they leave their front door to the time they return,” said Kings Vice President of Ticket Operations Jeff Risley. “By working with Arrive, in partnership with Ticketmaster and Waze, our goal is to make the trip simpler, so fans can get to the stadium faster, avoid traffic, and enjoy watching the Kings win.”


Fans attending concerts and sporting events at the Golden1 Center also have access to an enhanced trip planner called GamePlan, Arrive’s integration with Waze. The feature helps fans get to their seats on time, and alleviates traffic and congestion around venues. Anyone who purchases Golden1 Center event parking through SacPark can add the trip directly to Planned Drives in their Waze app and receive an alert when they should depart, along with turn-by-turn directions directly to their parking garage entrance.


“Tens of thousands of people travel to downtown Sacramento venues at the same time to listen to a concert or cheer on the Kings,” said Matt Eierman, parking services manager for the City of Sacramento. “SacPark is a one stop shop designed to make it easier for people to get to where they need to go on time. Our unique partnership with Arrive, Ticketmaster and Waze helps us to achieve our mission.”

“Parking and congestion are consistently cited as the two biggest pain points for fans attending games or events, so we understand that the fan experience starts well before anyone sets foot in a venue and SacPark does just that. We’re excited to work with the Kings and the City of Sacramento to make the journey as seamless as possible,” said Dan Roarty, President and COO of Arrive.