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Vigilant Solutions – The Parking Space: Webinar Series – June 6th, 2019

June 02, 2019




The Parking Space: Webinar Series



There’s still time to learn more about LPR-based parking enforcement by attending the last webinar in our series.


Digital Chalking: A New School Approach to an Old School Idea

Following the recent ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, which deemed physically chalking a vehicle’s tire to be unconstitutional, it’s time to enhance your Parking Enforcement team’s efficiency with Digital Chalking. Powered by license plate recognition (LPR) data, Digital Chalking combines LPR data and analytics with images to help you make your parking operations more efficient. Join our webinar to learn how your parking enforcement team can benefit from Digital Chalking.


June 6, 2019

2:00-2:45 CDT





About Vigilant Solutions


Vigilant Solutions is the leading provider of license plate recognition (LPR) and analytics for the law enforcement industry. Vigilant’s LPR powered parking capabilities leverage Vigilant’s exclusive data network of over 8 billion nationwide vehicle detections for scofflaw detection and parking enforcement.


For more information, visit www.vigilantsolutions.com