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Transition in leadership heralds a new chapter for WPS US: Michael Lapidus, Executive President WPS

May 08, 2023




Transition in leadership heralds a new chapter for WPS US

Michael Lapidus, Executive President WPS



Eldbersburg, MD – WPS US, a leading provider of parking management solutions, announced today that its President, Ira Powers, will be stepping down from his position for personal reasons. While the company is saddened by his departure, they fully support his decision and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Effective May 1, 2023, the leadership of WPS US will be transferred to the current Executive Vice President, Michael Lapidus. Michael has been an essential member of the organization for several years, holding various leadership roles both within the company and throughout the industry.

In his new role as President of WPS US, Michael will bring his extensive experience and knowledge of the parking industry to continue the company’s success. Michael has always prioritized values that benefit and empower customers and partners, making him an ideal candidate to lead the organization.

Erik Stronk, CEO at WPS: “We are excited about Michael leading WPS US as our President. We believe that his innovative ideas, strategic vision, and strong business acumen will continue to grow and improve WPS US in the years to come. With his leadership, we are confident that we will continue to thrive as an organization.’’

Michael Lapidus, President at WPS US: ‘’ Over the past three years, WPS has proven to be an exceptional workplace, and I am thrilled to embark on a new role within the organization. It is an honor to be part of such an amazing company and look forward to experiencing the new heights

WPS US can reach with my team as I grow into this new position. As a unified team, WPS US is dedicated to enhancing our products and services to meet our customers’ evolving demands. With my leadership abilities and our team’s talents and commitment, I am confident that we will realize the company’s long-term vision and continue to provide our clients with reliable, cutting-edge parking solutions designed for today’s connected world and beyond. I am grateful to WPS for this tremendous opportunity and look forward to this next chapter in my professional journey.’’

The company would like to take this opportunity to thank Ira Powers for his significant contributions to WPS and the industry. WPS US wishes him much success in all his future endeavors.

Please join WPS US in congratulating Michael Lapidus on his new role and supporting him as he leads the organization in this exciting new chapter.

About WPS Group:

Since its establishment in 1985, WPS Parking Solutions has grown from a local Dutch provider of parking systems into one of the world’s leading providers of cloud-based automated parking solutions. WPS’ mission is to create smart, reliable and future-proof parking solutions that are designed for today’s and tomorrow’s connected world.